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MIKAILA HUNT [HIRCHERT] is a graduate of the 

Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. Through continual learning of photographic techniques and trends, Mikaila has sparked an interest in all types of photography from portraiture to still-lives. Her passion for photography; however, lies most in lifestyle photography. This style allows her to focus on capturing authentic moments and telling the stories of the families, graduates, couples, or individuals she is photographing.


When she is not attempting to write about herself in the third person, you might catch her exploring local attractions with coffee in hand. She currently is residing in Greater Nashville, TN as an Assistant Vice President of Marketing. Mikaila relishes finding a home in the creative field and can only hope for more opportunities to come.

Click below to see my full marketing and design portfolio.

Mikaila Hunt Photography
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